Meet the team

David Resnick, Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder

David Resnick is outside the box. He is an entrepreneur, new media strategist, artist, and biofield energy worker who is absolutely psyched about how Stutter Social has grown from being something he started because he missed his PWS friends to being an international virtual support group. With the help of the NSA, David has become more comfortable and confident with his speech and he endeavors to give as much as he can back to the community. David is presently a partner in Viewcy, an online education platform, and is working on the next Vibrationist instrument. David finds it very interesting that his blocks shift over time...presently it is on W's and Y's.

Daniele Rossi, Chief Digital Strategist & Co-Founder

Daniele Rossi is a digital media professional, prolific content creator and cartoonist. His enthusiasm for online media comes from the sheer awesomeness of connecting people around the world who share a common interest or not-so-common experience like stuttering. Along with co-founding Stutter Social, Daniele enjoys producing the Stuttering is Cool podcast since 2007 and drawing comics about stuttering for Daniele is equally passionate in bodybuilding, mystery novels, music with a great melody, old time radio and, of course, cartoons! Daniele lives in Toronto, Canada, blocks and stutters with too many secondaries.

Mitchell Trichon, PhD, Self-Help Specialist & Co-Founder

Mitchell Trichon, PhD, Assistant Professor in Communication Sciences & Disorders Department at St. John’s University has published and presented stuttering research about self-help at national and international conferences. He is on the Board of Directors of the National Stuttering Association and co-directs its network of adult support groups. He also hosted national and regional conferences and advocates for people who stutter in the media.

Samuel Dunsiger, Communications Director & Blog Editor

Samuel Dunsiger is a freelance writer, communicator and person who stutters from Toronto, Canada. He enjoys writing about health and lifestyle issues. When not writing, Sam enjoys fuelling his social media, coffee and sushi addictions (not all at once), travelling, and watching TV and movies. As Communications Director for Stutter Social, he updates its Facebook and Twitter pages, edits this blog, and works with the team to promote its endeavours. He also recently started hosting. He's on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Stuttering Association and a regular attendee of the National Stuttering Association's annual conference. He enjoys meeting other PWS and being involved in the stuttering community!


  1. It's truly inspiring to see the journey of innovation and dedication that David Resnick, Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder, has embarked upon. His visionary leadership has not only shaped the company's success but has also left a significant impact on the industry as a whole. From day one, his passion and relentless drive have set a remarkable example for all of us. Kudos to David for his unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and paving the way for a brighter future. 🚀👏 #Leadership #Innovation #Trailblazer