Sunday, May 24, 2015

Introducing our new host: Chad Mannisi

Chad Mannisi is the newest addition to our roster of awesome Stutter Social hosts!

Hailing from the United States, Chad works in IT, loves sci-fi, and kept himself active throughout school in spite of his stuttering. Including becoming senior class president!

Chad will be hosting our hangouts on Thursdays alternating with Douglas Scott. Check the Stutter Social website for schedule details.

Let's get to know a little bit more about Chad...

1. Tell us about yourself
My name is Chad Mannisi and I have been stuttering for most of my life.  I work in the IT department of a major communications company as their Executive Technical Support.   I have the stress free job of fixing the computer equipment for the executives of my company, including the CEO.  I have been doing this job for the last 8 years.  I am an avid Sci-Fi nerd and love watching movies of almost all genres; except movies with subtitles.  If I wanted to read, I’d pick up a book…

2. What was it like for you to grow up stuttering?
Stuttering went from something I just did and was unphased by it, to something that controlled my life and choices, to now just a part of me, like the color of my hair or eyes, not the only thing to define me.  I went to speech therapy for many years, and it had little effect.  I did my best growing up to not let my stuttering get in my way or define who I was, while still looking and hoping for that miracle pill to cure me.  I was school treasurer in grade school, participated in talent shows, and was the Senior Class President in high school.

Stuttering only got in the way when I let it get in my way, which I did, from time to time.  I did let stuttering stop me from doing things in high school and college that I wish I had done, but try to look back on those times as lessons from which to learn.

3. What made you interested in becoming a Stutter Social host?
I had heard about Stutter Social at one of the NSA conventions and thought it was a neat idea.  A few years later, I became aware of an opening for a host position, and gave it some thought before going for it.  I wanted to make sure I’d be able to give it the attention and time hosting deserves.

4. Do you have any advice for people who stutter?
My advice for people who stutter is to not worry about what you think others are thinking. For years, I would attach so much emotion to every block and repetition of conversations. I just knew that the world was going to end if I stuttered while ordering food, asking for help in a store, or talking with someone I found attractive. That, whoever I talked to would laugh or tell the story of ‘that guy who couldn’t talk’ for weeks afterwards.  Over the years, I’ve found 99% of people are more worried about themselves and what’s going on in their lives, to care about your stuttering.  In fact, most are supportive, and usually knows someone themselves who stutter.

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