Monday, June 11, 2012

Introducing our new host: Kenyatta Butler

Kenyatta Butler
Photo credit: Kenyatta Butler
Stutter Social is happy to announce a new addition to our lineup of hosts: Kenyatta Butler!

Hailing from Zephyrhills, Florida, USA, Kenyatta— or Kenny— the recently married tech enthusiast is passionate in helping people who stutter. "I love welcoming newcomers to the group," says Kenny.

He first started participating in Stutter Social after seeing Facebook postings from National Stuttering Association friends and Stutter Social team members, David Resnick, Mitchell Trichon and Evan Sherman. "I'd see them posting stuff about it and wanted to know what it was about. My curiosity got the best of me!"

"I love the fact that so many PWS around the world have the opportunity to meet others like them and support each other."

Kenny will be hosting every second Wednesday at 3pm Eastern Time (Toronto/New York), alternating with Krishna Srinivasan.

When he is not hosting a Stutter Social Hangout, Kenny is a baker and proud owner of a cute puppy named Roxio.

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  1. Congratulations Kenny! Not sure I will be able to connect when you will be the host because of time conflicts, but if you connect at other hangouts, I'll see you there!

    Looking forward to meet you in person in St. Pete!